About Mike Krzywonski Photography

Mike Krzywonski has lived on Oahu's North 
Shore in Hawaii since 1990. He specializes in
Hawaii nature photography, and images of
severe weather in the Great Plains.

His photography pursuits began when he acquired a film camera in the 1990's. He attributes his life long fascination with severe weather to being the initial driving force behind his passion for photography.

Each spring, he chases storms throughout Tornado Alley, capturing images of some of the most violent yet picturesque thunderstorms on the planet. These successful captures are the result of countless hours of meteorological self study, thousands of miles on the road, and unwavering perseverance while in the field. So far, he has chased storms in seventeen different states.

Mike's photo endeavors have taken him to neighboring Hawaiian islands, several states across the U.S., and even China. While at home in Hawaii, Mike takes full advantage of the many photogenic opportunities that Hawaii offers. His images cover a broad spectrum of categories including landscapes, atmospheric, underwater, oceanic, botanical, and wildlife. He has appeared as a featured guest on two different Hawaii local news programs showcasing his work.

While many photographers put their cameras away once daylight expires, Mike has been known to be out at all hours of the night experimenting with prolonged exposures and various light sources. His creative approach to night photography has yielded some remarkable images depicting natural and urban settings alike.

Although his primary market is Fine Art, his images are available for rights managed licensing as stock photos, and have been used as such with clients including Alaska Airlines and World Magazine. Whether he’s storm chasing in the Great Plains, visiting a neighbor island, or home on Oahu, Mike is constantly searching for that next stunning shot to add to his collection.